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Under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy

Concert by Austrian accordionist Jakob Steinkellner

The Austrian virtuoso accordionist Jakob Steinkellner will give a unique concert in Kythnos, at the Theater of Dryopida, on June 17, at 21:00, as part of the Greek-Austrian friendship and the events organised by the kythniale Bridges of Culture initiative.

The audience will have the opportunity to watch a special concert in technique and style, which combines traditional sound patterns with modern sounds and rhythms, and the artist's influences from world music, with the play of sounds of modern music. 

This is a special musical event because Jakob Steinkellner is an accordion virtuoso, who in every concert in the world, takes his audience on a journey with his personal style.  

This particular concert is an initiative of AMKE kythniale in co-organisation with the Municipality of Kythnos and South Aegean, within the framework of the Greek-Austrian Music Summer 2023 program, under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy in Athens.

Friendly participation in the concert: Stefanos Larentzakis - percussionist & students of Kythnos Primary School.



Jakob Steinkellner is an accordionist, player of the styrian harmonica, composer and unconventional artist. With his concerts all over the globe, he puts his instruments above all, the diatonic harmonica, in an unusual concert light. Especially in his experimental compositions, the artist uses unmistakable, traditional sound patterns of alpine folk music and combines them with modern sounds or rhythm and pushes them to the limit with a certain lightness, colorful influences from the most diverse world music, extravagant joy of playing and also on an instrumental level. 

Steinkellner already toured in countries like Austria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, England, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Israel, Tanzania, Peru, Canada and others. At his concerts you can expect border-crossing ramp messes with eloquent and musical wit, artistic sophistication as much as virtuosity, stylistic diversity, musical space to dive into different emotional worlds and a lot of music for artistic and interpersonal points of contact.

Jakob Steinkellner

Stefanos Larentzakis

Stefanos deals mainly with music, with drums and in general with percussion, professionally in orchestras, concerts, video clips and bands and in discography as a musician and producer, publishing and producing cds (Kertsopoulos Aesthetics), publications and organising concerts and artistic activities (Lyraulos) etc. He is the Co-founder and key member of the Cyclades Orchestra. During this time he teaches rhythm and percussion to children and adults and studies the lute and the traditional music of Kythnos.

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