Helios, (Greek: “Sun”) in Greek religion, the sun god, sometimes called a Titan. He drove a chariot daily from east to west across the sky and sailed around the northerly stream of Ocean each night in a huge cup.


Did you know that Greece's Dry Stone Walling Art is included on UNESCO's Heritage List? "Xerolithia" concerns the knowhow related to making stone constructions by stacking stones upon each other, without using any other materials except sometimes dry soil. The large triangular stone that is wisely placed as a support for the rest of the stone structure, is called Panagia (Mother of God), since the entire infrastructure of this architectural miracle is based on.


The mystery behind the blue colour.

The Greek word for dark blue, kyaneos, κῠ́ᾰνος (kúanos, “dark-blue enamel”) reflects to the colour of the Greek sea and the Greek sky. The mixture of Loulaki, a sort of talcum powder which was found across every home in Greece, together with lime, produces the bright blue color that we see today.

Bridges are inherently symbolic. It appeals to our human nature to seek connection and union. In ancient times, we depicted bridges in a much deeper way. We interpreted bridges as a connection between heaven and earth or two distinct realms.

Bridges were hand made.
Kythnos is hand made.

«The small world, the great»

Odysseas Elytis

Kythniale is a multifarious cultural initiative that projects and implements cultural actions, artistic and musical performances, exhibitions, workshops, art residencies and alternative events of cultural dialogue between Kythnos and the World.

Such cultural and artistic events, open to the public, are organized on the island of Kythnos. While maintaining their own identity the events make also part of the annual Festival of the island, introducing the "dialogue" between the tradition of Kythnos and the Cyclades on the one hand and the nations of the World on the other.

In collaboration with cultural Institutions, Organizations and Foundations but also with Greek and international individual artists, kythniale aspires to establish a cultural body of special value with recognizable personal identity which will unite, through cultural dialogue, people and places.

Using tributes, cultural correlations and respect for the historical heritage of the island, kythniale creates "bridges" of communication by acting as a promoter of cultural diplomacy.