People of kythniale

We are Greeks and Philhellenes who came across, by spiritual attraction, to this unique island. Some of us originating from Kythnos and others who first came as visitors from the rest of Greece and from abroad and chose this island as their inspirational homeland. We were fascinated by the unpretentious beauty, the historical heritage, the harmony, the Greek light and the authenticity of landscape.
We loved the dry stone, the azure of the sky and the blue of the sea, the local myths, the Cycladic way of life and the immensity of the Greek horizon. The gorgeous typical landscape of the Cyclades that has no similar throughout the centuries.

This group of people fascinated by the island wishes to repay to this place a bit of the joy and the spiritual bliss that this magical corner of the Aegean is so generously able to donate and to share it with the whole World.

In order to achieve that, our group plans cultural actions and activities in collaboration with the Municipality of Kythnos, with the local communities and the associations of the island, as well as programs and synergies with private bodies, highlighting the profile of the Cycladic voyager in the Archipelago, who, longing for communication, was seeking for the unknown along the seas of the world, for at least five thousand years.
Therefore, inspired by a common vision and togetherness, acting with commitment and enthusiasm for creative collaboration, we have created Kythniale, an open window of communication to the global community.

Χαρά- Ελένη Μητσοτάκη

Chara - Eleni Mitsotakis

Graduated in German & English Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with Masters in Communication Studies at the University of Munich.
Professionally, I was active in the field of Public Relations and the Organization of Cultural Events in collaboration with German and Greek organizations and Foundations, while from the first day of operation of the Athens Airport I edited the cultural profile of the Airport company, organizing over 100 exhibitions and cultural events at the Airport , our country's first gateway to and from the world.
By origin from the two ends of Greece, Crete and Epirus, I found my own Ithaca, in Simousi, Kythnos! A small dot of land in the Western Cyclades island complex that fills my being with light and energy. So this vital energy, which this place so generously offers me, I wanted, in my own way, to repay it. Understanding, through my workplace, the importance of interculturalism between peoples and inspired by the great Poet's leading verse - This World the Small, the Great - we created the cultural initiative kythniale, "building" bridges of dialogue and communication between Kythnos and the World! Driven by extroversion and love for the Island and its people, we aim to highlight the special local element, the authenticity, the tradition and the history of this unique destination, creating, through events, concerts, exhibitions and all kinds of diverse artistic activities, a dialogue where the culture of the Island will "dialogue" and converse with the peoples of the World. Join #kythnialeculturalbridges !

Kostas Konstantinidis

Kostas Konstantinidis, founder and CEO of PostScriptum, is a digital strategy consultant, as well as digital projects funding advisor for cultural organizations. With specialized experience and proven ability in cultural management, he and his expert team have designed and implemented numerous composite long term projects in the last 2 decades. The all-inclusive goal is to support the work of cultural organizations through innovative activities towards the development of their communities, building and sustaining relationships with the education, tourism and creative industries sectors, as well as the economy in general. He firmly believes in the effective implementation of digital technology in cultural projects, as well as the empowerment of culture through the integrated use of digital technology. 
He is still building his "haven" in Kythnos and wishes to contribute to the healthy development of the island with what he has learned to do so far.

Τζούλια Βαγιάνη

Julia Vagiani

Originated from Kythnos, a huge fan of the island.
With studies and experience in tourism, catering and services, I served the business sector in sales development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, project management, change management and human resource management. 
I traveled to different continents and countries and gained extensive knowledge and life experiences.
I believe in groups of people who have common goals and are driven by love, offering their support and knowledge generously, for the good of the cause they serve.

Afrodite Oikonomidou

She grew up in Thessaloniki. She got a degree in Physics at the Aristotle University and at the same time got the Tourist Guide Diploma from the EOT National School for Guides. Professionally, she is active in the cultural field as an organizer of artistic events and a curator of exhibitions and publications. Since 1988, she has been dividing her life between Italy and Greece. In recent years, together with Luigi, Alexander and some dear friends from Greece and Italy, they managed to realize the dream of a stone house with view on the Aegean Sea!

Αφροδίτη Οικονομίδου
Luigi Ratclif

Luigi Ratclif

Cultural organizer and musician. From 1980 to 2018, he has worked at the Municipality of Turin implementing cultural programs and promoting young creativity. He has been National secretary of GAI - Young Italian Artists Network from 1997 to 2022. He directed the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean-Turin '97 and the 2000 and 2002 editions of BIG Torino - International Young Art Biennial. From 2007 to 2012, he has been president of the international association BJCEM - Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean of which he is currently a permanent member of the Board of Directors.
In 1986 while he was in Thessaloniki for work, he met Afrodite. They got married a few years later and Alessandro was born. Greece comes to be his second homeland. In 2007, he arrived in Kythnos and since then this place has become his beloved home. He dreams of an island where art, nature and people from all over the world can meet.

Alexis Sotirakopoulos

I was born and live in Athens. I graduated from the Law School of the University of Athens. Being the founder and head of the Law Office "ALEXIOS SOTIRAKOPOULOS AND ASSOCIATES" I have been dealing with Commercial Law for more than forty years, and I have been and continue to be a Legal Advisor and Member of the Boards of Directors of well-known Companies.
The "love at first sight" for Kythnos started in 2011 and since then it has developed into a lifelong relationship that is getting stronger and stronger, reaching its peak in the last summers, where the meeting with the absolute beauty, opened a new wonderful window to the world. "In Paradise I have marked an island", as the poet quotes…..
The establishment of “kythniale”, a culture and creation entity, which certifies and verifies the charm of this wonderful and unique island, will contribute to the opening of Kythnos to the world with the aim of giving the Island a unique cultural identity.

Αλέξης Σωτηρακόπουλος
Γιάννης Μαχαίρας

Giannis Mahairas

Composer. Beyond the approximately 95 small and large beaches of Kythnos, I always "travel", with my mind and heart, in the bays and the natural environment of the ιsland. I honor the rich cultural heritage of Kythnos and I will be next to every effort to highlight it and also to every attempt for extroversion that will make this unique Island known to the world!

Maria Adamopoulou

I grew up in the Kythnos Land. I attended school there until I was ten years old. The sensations, images, and scents are still vivid. Then there were my routes and a lot of unrest. Piraeus, France, and back again. A long cycle that includes studies in Lyon, a rich professional life as a journalist and editor-in-chief in television shows, and a family that gave me two wonderful daughters. And Kythnos is always there... Touchingly linking the past to the present and feeding my personal history in its own unique way. 

Μαρία Αδαμοπούλου

Antonis Kokiasmenos

Born and raised in Kythnos. For reasons related to his education his family moved to Athens and after high school he left for Italy where he studied at the School of Economics and Political Sciences of the University of Palermo. On his return he married Maria Vriniotis with whom he has two daughters.

Professionally, he served the banking industry in various positions of responsibility. His presence and active involvement in the communities of Kythnos is continuous and multifaceted. From 2011 to 2014 he was elected Regional Councillor, Prefect of Kea - Kythnos. From 2019 until today he is an elected Municipal Councillor, with duties as Deputy Mayor in the field of administration and finances of the Municipality as well as in the field of tourism and culture. In the October 2023 elections he was also elected as a Councillor.


From 1999 until today he is President of the Association of Kythnians. His love and interest for his island has made him all these years to join with his compatriots in the common struggle for the promotion, development and progress of his island.

Stefanos Larentzakis

I was born in Athens and live in Kythnos. I believe in cultural bridges and the interaction of contemporary art with tradition. I deal mainly with music, with drums and in general with percussion, professionally in orchestras, concerts, video clips and bands and in discography as a musician and producer, publishing and producing cds (Kertsopoulos Aesthetics), publications and organizing concerts and artistic activities ( Lyraulos) etc. Co-founder and key member of the Cyclades Orchestra. During this time I teach rhythm and percussion to children and adults and study the lute and the traditional music of Kythnos.

Στέφανος Λαρεντζάκης
Μαργαρίτα Πατεστή

Margarita Patesti

Margarita is an internationally experienced result-oriented professional, focused on the successful delivery of complex, multi-disciplinary ΙΤ projects and achieving strategic business goals. Margarita is a graduate engineer of NTUA, researcher, with postgraduate degrees in computer science and telecommunications. She specialised in project management and IT service management. She has many years of experience as a consultant and for strategic aviation infrastructure development projects in Europe, Middle East and India etc. She is currently Global IT infrastructure and Industrial/Operational Technology Project Management Officer.
She is a sailor, with an immense love for her home-island, Kythnos or Thermia, the island of her heart and ancestors.

Δήμος Κύθνου

Σταμάτης Γαρδέρης

Stamatis Garderis

Mayor of Kythnos

In the context of the extroversion of the island and the promotion of local culture & tradition, the Municipality of Kythnos supports the kythniale cultural initiative. It is very important to exchange views on cultural issues with the nations of the world. In this way, peace and partnership are promoted and bonds between people are strengthened. Kythnos, through its unique colour, hospitality and tradition, has created a solid cultural identity able to dialog with the citizens of the world.

Κύθνος λογότυπο

Kythnos and the world